Thursday, July 30, 2009

Surprise~~ from my dearest ♥

Went to AiMianZi with Dear Jennie again today, only 2 of us, lunch, yumcha~

Alright, we started to ss again ^^ But we should >.<

Dear meant to wear the same color shirt with me, so sweet ^^

Knew that other bitches are having class, so din expect they to show up

Who knows... the most incredible thing happened!!!

Babe Jun
was holding a small heart-shaped cake appeared~

Darling Shurong
, Sweetie Xiaozhi, MC and Lizi were at her back

They sang birthday song very loudly for me ^^ sooooo sweet!!

I was really shocked!! This expression is so fake >.<
Why I listened to Jun !!

I din expect they would be the earliest to celebrate for me

Actually i hope... but I din say it out... Mana tau~...

I love the cake, it tasted nice... because this is from them =)

WoW! They are so cool for me
Love them ^^ very very much...

They took a few minutes break to rush there to gimme surprise! Love them~

"Thank u" is not necessary right? haha XD
I know u all love me so much too
Many many M for u all

Oh ya, I have made a wish...
I want to be with them FOREVER!!!~

I think my wish will come true, because we are all together with love ^^

Do come true pls!!! >.<

Tuesday, July 14, 2009





**2022公里 435小时15分钟**

因为他在我心里 ^^

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The happiness we shared in this semester

Woohoo~!!! Sem break!!! I love u!!!

Finish my 3rd semester lor~~
Sounds nice but I'm quite upset...
I did my Business Admin very sucked!!! It's not really a happy ending.
Haih, jz forget it!!

Let talk about the happy thing in this sem.
I was once lost in both class (I took only 2 subjects) because I din know any1 in the classes, n i was quite scare n lonely that time.
Then, quite many times, they appeared like angel for me ^^

In Public Speaking class, oh no, I hate this subject.
Presentation~ Presentation~ Presentation~ n Presentation~. Erh, ok la, 4 only *_*
I accidentally knew Pam. She was talking to me in the 2nd or 3rd class.
After 1st conversation only she asked me go to toilet with her =.=
She is so natural, nice and friendly. N she helped me a lot in class, like her ^^
Melissa n Patricia these 2 pretty cute girls were also nice n friendly to me.
I knew 2 of them since the 1st sem, but never talked.
They invited me to go chiong k with them after our 1st conversation too!!! Haha~
They are the only friends could talk chinese with me in the class. I like them! ^^

In the other class, Business Admin, the subject that really drove me crazy with tons of tests, quiz n homework.
Fortunately there r some guys to help me out, stand with me and always be there for me when I'm lost.
5 of us were in 1 group.
Pong from Thailand, Viloun from Laos, Mo from Maldive, Byung the Korean and me the Malaysian!!! What a cool combination of international group. Hahaz!
We were together attending class, skipping class, having lunch after class, being scolded when we spoilt our project, begging the lecturer to ask for some kindness...
Many funny n crazy things we did together.
All the coolest and most amazing memories I will keep them in mind.
That is really cool for me! Great great great appreciation~!!! I love u guys.

Out of the class, the girl staying upper floor in my hostel, Charissa, treats me good as well.
I think she love me so much until everyday call me to go her room, then she shares me lotsss of food. That's horrible!
Because of her, my weight n waist are going in increasing number >.<
Please, Char Char, 1 day we must keep fit together.
Btw, what i need to say is, this girl is really good in cooking.
Wantan mee, Tomyam soup, Herbal chicken soup, Spaghetti, even Claypot rice!!!
OK, for who interest in such good-wife-liked girl, come to ask for detail. Haha XD

This sem, many things change.
I've changed from single to be in a relationship with the most special 1.
I've changed from being wild to be well-behaved.
I think I've become more independent, brave and strong.
I like my changes ^^

I'm going home soon. I miss the hometown people and food. Can't wait to go back loo~~ XD